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How to Light: Are LED lamps available to replace MR11 halogen lamps?

I’ve seen MR16 LED retrofit lamps, are LED lamps also available to replace the smaller MR11 halogen lamps? 

Yes, LED versions of the 35mm diameter M11 lamps are available in both non-dimmable and dimmable versions, with light outputs generally matching the original 20W tungsten halogen lamps.

Two important things to note:

1) If you’re using a dimmable version, make sure that the LED MR11 is compatible with the dimmer. This is a common problem with LED retro-fit lamps.

2) Check that to ensure that the LED version is actually the physical size that it claims to be. This may sound odd, but rogue sizes have been known to creep into the system and the small size of the MR11 housing leaves very little margin for error.

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This question has been answered by Chris Shenton, technical and quality specialist at LEDvance UK.