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Amun Capital

The artful design here creates a warm and welcoming environment at Amun Capital

Amun Capital is an international private investment firm. In the UAE, the company has decided to place its office in Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, right next to the beating heart of the city. 370 m2 of exposed structural elements that lie beneath the ceiling are turned into showpieces. Undeniably, the raw, unfinished industrial style has become the governing inspiration for this project.

Black ceilings, concrete surfaces and red brick walls contrast with the warm natural texture of the wall timber cladding, suspended timber beams and unexpectedly colourful furniture. The eclectic atmosphere of the entrance zone, with suspended high bay luminaires that seem quite voluminous for the space, and patterned, almost ethnic seating with dominant warm colours instantly make one feel welcome.

The 3000K colour temperature of the light sources accentuates the warm hues that are psychologically proven to facilitate communication. The black and grey finishes of the luminaires reflect the general colour scheme of the architecture, making the lighting a part of the structure without diverting from the play of patterns.

The main area is multiuse space with integrating functions: office, lounges and a kitchen. It has become a challenging task for a lighting designer to combine both: the adequate working environment with the required uniformity and glare control above desks, the calm and relaxed atmosphere in the lounges, decorative dynamic feel in the dining zone.

The office space has been refreshed and is fully in line with the style of the building.

The selection of a funky suspended continuous linear fitting above desks sustains the design request and fulfills requirements for the task illumination, while randomly positioned high bays unify the open space with the reception. A decorative fitting with distinctive grills suspended in the lounge gives a very pronounced industrial look to the area while the beam-recessed spotlights provide the necessary functional lighting.

Meeting rooms are distinguished by a web of suspended timber beams and decorative chandeliers made of round light sources on the metal steel frames. A sidestep from expected approach by using a non-uniform lighting solution is justified by the effect: the glass partitions with a function that allows to control transparency of the glass make the chandeliers either pop up when the glass is transparent or reflect in the milky surface when the glass is matt. The same effect is supported by a suspended rectangular fitting over one of the seating zones, with the glass appearing transparent when not lit and matt when the light is on.