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Jam tower lit up with a ‘new urban identity’

Jam tower in Iran, as lit up by the RGE lighting design group

This project featured a huge tower, measuring up to 130 metres, being lit up for night-time viewing. The team also aimed to make this site more of a landmark, which they have achieved by making it so striking and recognisable.

Jam tower is located in an area of 4600 square meters in Shariati Avenue opposite Shariati Park. This Avenue is one of the two main and historical axes in Tehran which extends from the north to the south and connects Shemiranat district to the historical and central regions of the city. Due to the proximity of this tower to Shariati Park one the west side and for the use of the roof of the commercial sector as a balcony and observing the rules of constructing high-rise buildings (Pyramid-shaped structure), a modular system was designed that could provide the possibility of gradual deformation of two vertical and horizontal masses.

Jam tower is a 34-storey building with a height of over 130 meters above the ground. By using the modular system in its design, this building has made possible the gradual changes in the main mass of the building and the optimal connection of the office tower with the commercial platform in its lower floors. The slip of cubic modules with openings of 7.6 meters and their puzzle-like movement toward each other are among the unique features of Jam Tower. These modules have been arranged in such a way that the Park view is available at low altitude. This project did not aim to accomplish the intensive functional program developed by the employer, but to design a mega structure to bring a new urban identity for its surrounding environment according to the location of neighboring streets.

So, at the beginning of designing, we thought that the final structure, like an important urban landmark, should reflect a new structure of a dynamic form in people’s minds. Due to the public function of this tower, the fluidity of the tower and its proximity to neighboring buildings which had Euclidean structure and their public function was actually private played a significant role in the symbolic form of the structure. The lighting idea of this building was inspired by the candle flame: light sources that are like translucent cylinders inside which candles flame have been designed specifically for this project. 2500 candle light sources have been installed on the façade which are able to create fascinating scenarios on the body of the tower by a powerful central controller. The control of intensity and speed of light, and the color and display of attractive graphical forms are other capabilities of this central control system.