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Rich and luxurious character lighting

Lighting at the Noir Lounge emphasises the pre-exiting art, and opens up the otherwise dark space

Noir was an exuberant and vivacious project which inspired the team from Light Touch PLD to unleash their creativity and achieve the rich and luxurious character. The concept was to create ambience in the bar whilst complimenting the interior designers aspirations to accentuate eclectic artwork and unique sculptures.

The area is gently lit and emphasises the artwork and sculptures throughout the space.

It preserves a clear vista from the main bar through the colossal viewing panel, designed to frame a unique external projection wall. This was a key feature of the project and, together with the combination of black and mirror finishes, commanded innovative lighting design to limit veiling reflections. It also pays reverence to the base ambience.

The extravagant ceiling detail required meticulous collaboration with interior designers to ensure fixture placement achieved the design intent. Light Touch PLD’s design concept was pivotal in the evolution of the abstract fire place within the VIP Blue Room. The glass sculptured element, animated by a concealed projector, bestows the illusion of blue fire via a vibrant and mesmerising light sculpture. The Noir Lounge area measures 355.6sq/m and the architectural lighting load has been calculated at 10.25w/m2.