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Seoul street

RGE Lighting has illuminated the unusually shaped building on Seoul Street

On Seoul Street, this building has  caused many problems about lighting with its unusual shape and difficult angles. RGE Lighting have successfully illuminated the building, and have worked to make it into a spectacle.

This building is located at the southern end of Seoul Street and belongs to Tourism Bank. This building comprises 17 floors. Due to the high altitude of the building compared to its surrounding environment, curved surfaces have been used in its architecture to not let the twisted corners visually damage the main walls of the city. To polish the façade skin, the louvers were used which had visual similarity with the curved shape of the complex. These pores on the façade skin cause the external appearance of the building looks simple and light.

Curved lines and shapes were used for the ornament of the main street wall to make them look more flexible. At the end of the vertical axis of the project, the walls were removed and the top roof was decorated as a Roof Garden. This design made the project looks simple and light and has a better appearance. According to the architectural form and texture color of its constituent materials, RGE Lighting lightened the building in a way to manifest the architecture of the project in the most elegant way possible at night, not to give a separate identity to it. They tried to decorate it in a way that the observers feel the architectural volume and dynamism from a distance and as they approach to it, they find out its details.

This building stands out and draws attention compared to the other buildings around it, all as a result of the lighting by RGE Lighting.

They  moved in line with architecture to display the building. Thus, columns on the facade of the ground floor were covered with bi-directional light sources. The angle of radiation of the upper part of light sources was 80 degrees, as if a light column tolerates the weight of the building. Linear light sources separate floors from each other through warm light radiation. Up light radiation of linear sources under the horizontal louvers encourages observers to explore details of the façade through making a contrast on both top and bottom sides that the intensity of contrast reduces on each floor as it moves up wards. The façade columns on each floor are highlighted through up light decoration by the use of Wall Washers with the same width as the façade columns.