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Unique and stylish setup at Tamba

Tamba's new lighting design, created by PDA

Tamba restaurant in Abu Dhabi has been lit up with an innovative and stylish new design by PDA. The lighting caters specifically to the needs of the area, and allows for the changes in natural daylight entering the space.

Located at the World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi, Tamba is a brand new, Indian inspired dining experience with a contemporary twist. The owners, Purple Honey, together with Interior Designers, LW Group, have created a ‘unique and stylish’ experience within the loft-style setting. An abundance of decorative handmade lighting pendants and oversize bells form the spectacle of the interior, with individual spaces designed to cater for the casual to the intimate.

The rich and intricate theme of the interior flows onto to the terrace where diners can enjoy the views of the capital city in a sensual environment. The company DPA had the pleasure of being invited to join the design team and work closely with the client and interior designers to develop a lighting scheme that would reinforce identity and help bring an emotive quality to the establishment.

The lighting was used to highlight  areas of ‘interest and excitement’

Many important considerations needed to be addressed whilst designing the lighting, in particular the daytime and evening operating hours. With the amount of daylight entering the space, the feel of the restaurant dramatically changes throughout the day into late evening. Therefore the  lighting needed to address this balance whilst retaining the focus on areas of interest and excitement, this was achieved by layering the lighting so that different elements could come into to play as the natural daylight dissipated. Concealed LED was used throughout, predominantly to provide accent to the decorative screens, niches and artwork.

Tungsten Halogen was selected for soft illumination of the dining tables because of it’s warmth of colour temperature, fine dimming capability and most importantly, to showcase the exquisite food in the best light. A touch of theatre is introduced to the terrace with strategically placed gobo pattern projectors to compliment the surroundings, supplemented by generous use of natural candle light. All of the lighting is operated by a control system to allow the commissioned scenes to transition seamlessly through the day and into night.