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Simple, but sophisticated: lighting the workplace

TEMA requested simple lighting. This is what they received.

TEMA is founded as an organization to take attention against erosion and desertification in Turkey in 1992. Since 1992 they are still working with same motto ‘’Soil is the life’’. They moved to their new head office in Istanbul/Şişli in 2016.
The architectural design aimed to create uncrowded, simple and spacious areas for long working hours. The lighting design also needed to follow these principles. According to the simplicity of the open office design, lighting design kept the simplicity with a pendant linear lighting system which also emphasises office’s main character.

It is independent from the placement of the furnitures and provides the optimum lighting level inside of the volume, thus it also provides flexibility about any changes of the placement of the office equipment. In order to create a lively working environment, direct and indirect lighting sources are placed to the aluminium pendant linear.

The lighting promotes concentration and work ethic with its simplicity and brightness.

With indirect lights which light up towards the ceiling, a better perception is aimed to be created by showing the low ceiling higher than it normally is, meanwhile the direct lights provide general lighting and continuousness of the space. Table lamps are used in every table to provide the task lighting and like in the motto of the organisation ‘soil is the life’, all of the green that covers the storeys are highlighted with led lights.

On the top floor where the management and meeting rooms are, simplicity is kept with another lighting design solutions. Different than the open office design on the lower storeys, place is divided with closets and other equipments. Pendant linear led lights are placed over the tables in the meeting rooms and spotlights are used to provide the optimum lighting levels. To emphasise the circulation and to light up some specific waiting areas, retrofit LED lamps are used in some of the spotlights. In the new office of TEMA where we especially care about simplicity and comfort in the lighting design, we wish them to keep on doing wonderful works for the nature.

Interior Design: Superpool
Lighting Design: Planlux