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The bridge into new lighting

Javadieh bridge seen from the sky, as requested by the client

Javadieh bridge is a cable stayed bridge. In general, cable stayed bridges are made of four parts, including pile, pylon, deck, and cable. Javadieh cable stayed bridge which has been located in the entrance gate of Tehran is one of the most beautiful steel and cable-stayed bridges in the Middle East. The total length of this bridge is 210 m, the length of the steel part of which is 126 m and the distance between the two steel arches over the bridge is 104.5 m.

One of the most important parameters which is taken into consideration in any construction project is its design. Due to being located over a steel railway and its type of application, its design has been inspired by the railway switch as a symbol to create a special harmony with the railway. What was more important about the lighting of a structure with a bridge function was the symbolic form of the lighting which should manifest itself in observers’ minds when approaching to it from a distance.

Javadieh bridge as seen from the ground, compared to sky shot above.

The bridge had to be distinguishable by both land and sky, and aimed to become a powerful urban landmark. It is a unique innovation, and was expected to influence other urban lighting, as well as giving a new and modern spirit to the old texture of the region. Another thing was the romantic sense of the structure which should be engraved forever in the mind of observers when they got away from it. Right at a point between these two matters was a sense of confidence in the structure which was induced by blue light color (450nm wave length) in observers’ minds. The outer skin of the bridge was covered with 22,500 graphic cells.