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Theatrical lighting in terrace lounge

This balcony has been beautifully lit up thanks to the work of the INTO group

The company INTO have been challenged to create a theatrical lighting design within the venue of this Lounge. They aimed to createa a warm and welcoming space without detracting from it’s functionality.

INTO were briefed by the client, dream and Conran and Partners to provide a theatrical and layered lighting scheme within the venue. This area comprises a mixture of indoor and outdoor dining areas, a bar and lounge area with DJ and an external terrace offering stunning views of the Marina.


As well as the scenic terrace, INTO have also designed the interior of this lounge.


The lighting was designed to enhance the space both throughout the day and into the night. It also worked to compliment the function of each space whilst creating intimacy and warmth. A key factor was to integrate the lighting to highlight the plush and sleek finishes of the various materials used for the interior design whilst complimenting the colour palette of the interior spaces.


Deceivingly complex light systems create a warm and comfortable atmosphere both indoors and out.


The control of the lighting was to be a careful consideration within the design to ensure smooth and low level dimming within the various scenes from day to night. Having achieved this, the stunning lighting plan was finalised, and brought to fruition.