Engineer behind Li-Fi on Paris metro to speak at rail event

Benjamin Azoulay, the man who helped to bring Li-Fi to the Paris underground will be one of the key speakers at Lux's upcoming Lighting for Rail Conference.

Over two million commuters use the the Paris Metro everyday and they, thanks to Li-Fi, now have access to the internet via the light fittings.

At our upcoming Lighting for Rail Conference in London, Benjamin Azoulay, of the supplier Oledcomm, will reveal all about this fascinating project.

The radical instillation, which is one of the biggest applications of Li-Fi technology in the world, uses data embedded in visible light to provide the internet and is currently installed in 66 stations across the Paris network.

Paris-based Oledcomm, a spin-off of the University of Versailles, won the contract from RAPT, to initially supply Li-fi installations in 66 stations across Paris, involving overhaul of over  250,000 LED luminaires.

Azoulay will be one of the key note speakers at Lux’s Lighting for Rail Conference, which will be held on Thursday 18 May at the Cavendish Conference Centre in Central London.

The was awarded following an extensive series of test phases.

The system needed to demonstrate that it could deliver four key criteria: 

  • The Li-fi could operate within a complex physical environment
  • The system could provide the bi-directional communications needed for a secure internet connection
  • Traffic and security information could be ‘pushed’ to smart phones as necessary
  • A system of audio-messaging could be developed to enable tourists and people with impaired sight to be guided around the tunnels and concourses of an underground station

Oledcomm, formed in  in 2005, installed its first public Li-fi project at the Musee Curtius in Liege in 2012. Since then, the company has gone on to install systems in offices, hospitals, retail stores as well as public street lighting.

You can find out more about how Li-Fi works by clicking here, or by watching our special edition of Lux Today, which takes an indepth look at the subject.

  • Lux’s Lighting for Rail Conference will take place at the Cavendish Centre in Central London on Thursday 18 May 2017. You can read the programme and register to attend by clicking here.