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Luxbox launch: So – what’s really in the box?

We search around for what’s available; we choose the thing that we trust will do the job; we open the box . . . and we cross our fingers.

The important word in that common scenario is ‘trust’. Everyone claims ‘quality’ and ‘efficient performance’. But how do we quantify such a thing as ‘trust’, as in ‘I work with you because I trust you.’?

Luxbox manufactures emergency lighting components for the lighting industry. . . and if that is all there was to the story we could simply shrug and pass on by; nothing new to see here. But Luxbox comes with something else in the box – and it is that magic word: ‘trust’.

Trust and reliability

Emergency lighting is one of those essential, though generally invisible, features of our lives. Wherever we go, there will be some kind of emergency lighting to see us safely out of a building should the need arise. We don’t think much about it, but we expect it to work. We TRUST the emergency lighting to be RELIABLE – another magic word.

An emergency lighting unit developed by Luxbox  Lighting Technology .

Reliability comes from understanding, and understanding comes from experience. The people behind Luxbox have many decades of experience in emergency lighting, while the product itself is supported by the ultra-efficient fabrication process provided by Sander Elektronik, the Swiss emergency lighting experts.

Cost and efficiency

Emergency lighting is a very competitive marketplace. Despite the importance of emergency lighting in our lives this is still a commoditised product, so the balance of cost and quality cannot be ignored. Expert product design by Luxbox ensures 100 per cnet compatibility with Standards and the Sander Elektronik fabrication process entails component testing at each step during assembly.  This combination of first-class design expertise and an unrivalled approach to fabrication means that the Luxbox range of products come to market at the best possible price – and with reliability built into the entire system.

A single LED emergency light developed by Luxbox Lighting Technology.

Peace of mind

And when we’ve chosen the company and selected the product, there’s still something else in the box. Peace of mind is what comes from knowing that you have the support of a professional team behind you; the Luxbox team provides technical back-up to all their customers. This is not just a case of sell-and-forget. Luxbox is on hand to ensure that their product ranges always meet the needs of lighting companies seeking to extend their own ranges to include emergency lighting provision. And reliability will always seek out reliability, because that’s where good service lies.

Luxbox says: ‘We’ve boxed up the latest innovations for rapid delivery and easy integration, at a price you’ll like. Our team has the know-how and is easy to do business with, so you can rely on us to.’