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Venture launches new lighting catalogue

The launch of a new catalogue is always a time for celebration. After all, it’s a statement of intent by the manufacturer that they are promising a wealth of new product and we’re all invited to join in the fun.

The new catalogue from Venture Lighting goes a bit further than just being a new catalogue. Here we have a company that made its reputation by supplying the best metal halide lamps to be had. No other company could demonstrate such breadth and depth in a range of HQI lamps. And then the LED came along.

But we can see that Venture Lighting has stared down the unstoppable rise of the LED, weathered the storm and come out the other end with a whole new range of product. And, far from being cowed by the LED, they are making the technology work very hard for them.

The catalogue has well-defined sections:

Industrial and Commercial

Display Lighting

Emergency Lighting


Street Lighting

Domestic Lighting

HID Lamps

And apart from that bravado gesture of retaining a comprehensive range of HQI lamps, this is all LEDs. As would be expected, the Venture product families show a confident hand in design and application. There is not much here to excite the more delicate sensibilities of the lighting design community, but there’s plenty to bring a smile to the engineers and installers looking for robust and reliable answers to their project needs.

Here are a few of the highlights from across the catalogue:


Emergency Six in One Exit Sign 

Modularity is a by-word in efficient design and this exit sign displays that approach with great panache. As is suggested by the name, this exit sign can be used in six configurations:

Surface ceiling mount
Recessed ceiling mount
Surface arm mount
Surface wall mount
Suspension mount
And an optional task light (downlight)

The luminaire is provided with a three hours self-test feature as standard and can be operated in either maintained or non-maintained modes.

That all comes from the single housing, requiring only the recessing frame or suspension kit in addition. And the design is something to see. Venture puts some distance between this new fixture and a conventional, and predictable, white-painted steel box.

The 6 in 1 Exit Sign is provided with a three hours self-test as standard.

50000 hours. Three years warranty.


LED Fire-rated downlight

These fixtures are a timely addition to a sector of the lighting market that is coming under intense scrutiny. Coming with an IP65 rating, here are a couple of fully-recessed downlights, with fixed or adjustable beam options, that are capable of providing 30 – 60 – 90 minute fire protection.

The 6.5W (8W system power) LED module delivers a 38° beam, at either 3000K or 4000K and a CRI of 80. These fixtures require only a 65mm mounting depth and can be supplied with either a white, brushed chrome or polished chrome bezels.

50000 hours. Seven years warranty.




VAcademy LED surface linear 

This general-purpose luminaire has given a bit more muscle to provide it with a better layer of protection when it is used in a school environment. A combination of a special security retaining screw and an IP40 rating (denies access to objects larger than one mm in width) makes this fixture more difficult to damage or to conceal objects inside it.

The fixture has elegant lines with a gently curving opal diffuser and can be supplied in various lumen packages, all from a common 1500mm luminaire housing.

The VAcademy can also be provided with DALI dimming, emergency provision and presence detector, making this a flexible option for general lighting in the educational sector.

50000 hours. Five years warranty.




Vclean LED Highbay

Although this is featured as a Highbay pendant for food processing applications, it is likely to have a far larger general market because it is, by far, the most interesting highbay fixture to come to market in a long time. While the Highbay sector is busy embracing the commodified approach that comes with off-the-shelf cast aluminium housings, the Vclean actually looks like a light fitting.

It may be designed to operate at heights above 6m, but the classic ‘coolie shade’ housing will find lots of supporters who wondered where the old ‘Benjamin’ shades went to.

The Vclean has a very respectable light performance, with a range of LED arrays offering outputs from 12,447lm to 24,412lm at a lumen efficacy of around 120lm/W. The light output is helped by a standard 5000K colour temperature and a CRI of 80. Ideal for most industrial shed installations.

50000 hours. Five years warranty.




LED Batten Professional 

Let’s finish off with the most standard of standard commercial lighting products, the linear batten.

There’s a distinct whiff of nostalgia coming out of the pages of the catalogue here. The four lengths of batten will warm the hearts of specifiers of a certain age: 600mm – 1200mm – 1500mm – 1800mm. Not only does it feel as though the T5 fluorescent lamp never happened, but the deliberate addition of an 1800mm batten is a straightforward invitation to head Back to the Future.

One of the great things of the shift to LED, however, is the need to include a diffuser as a standard feature, making the light that is delivered from these fixtures far more comfortable than the original fluorescent fixtures.

OK, so far, so sentimental, but there’s nothing old-fashioned about the performance of these battens. Here are a few comparative figures for you:

Length:                   fluorescent T8                      LED professional

600mm:                 1350lm @ 18W                                    1125lm @ 8W

1200mm:              3350lm @ 36W                                    2300lm @ 16W

1500mm:              5200lm @ 58W                                    3900lm @ 25W

1800mm:              6200lm @ 70W                                    6600lm @ 47W

The batten is supplied as standard with a 4000K colour temperature and a CRI of 80.

The battens can also be provided with three hour emergency provision, DALI dimming and presence detection (with high-level and low-level options)

50000 hours. Five years warranty.