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How to Light: Why are 3 circuit lighting tracks different?

There are two main 3 circuit tracks in the European market.

The most dominant track seems to be Global (Pro), which has round wire conductors that are folded to 90 degrees at the end. The other is Eutrac, which has flat wireconductors that are cut flush at the ends.

It is important to say that these two tracks, all their connectors and live end feeds are not interchangeable and cannot be directly connected together.

However, multi track adaptors that are used to attach a luminaire to the track both physically and electrically, are compatible with both tracks.

In addition to these two popular track versions mentioned, there are many other ‘non-European’ designs that have entered the market. Their design and compatibility with other tracks and luminaire spotlight adaptors is less well understood.

The best advice is never to mix track systems and always to try a luminaire track adaptor on the proposed track system before purchase to avoid costly disappointment.

This question was answered by Eric Riley – sales and marketing director at illuma lighting.