How to win a Lux Award – by an insider…

‘How you compile your entry is crucial,’ says Routledge. ‘In this webcast I’ll show you how to present your entry to best effect.

Want to win a Lux Award this year? Of course you do! But so do lots of others. So how to you set your entry apart – and give yourself the best possible chance of taking home a trophy in November?

Routledge judging the Lux Awards last year

We know someone who can help: Lux Awards founder and veteran judge Gordon Routledge. Routledge will reveal the secrets of the judging chamber in a special webcast, taking place on Wednesday 31 May 2017.

He’ll explain what the judges are looking for, the common mistakes entrants make and show you how to make your entry a winner.

‘How you compile your entry is crucial,’ says Routledge. ‘In this webcast I’ll show you how to present your entry to best effect.

‘The Lux Awards have tracked the adoption of LED technology, from the early single store trials in retail, through to the more recent mass roll outs with supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Tesco. It’s exciting to see where we will be this year and the new direction connected innovations are taking the lighting market’ – says Gordon Routledge.

‘However, remember that the Lux Awards isn’t a photography competition or energy based numbers game. All of the shortlisted projects are visited by members of the judging panel to get behind the numbers and identify the challenges faced by the organisations. For instance, did they have to convince a wide set of stakeholders to make what may appear to be a high-risk investment in new technology? Or did they have to implement a  lighting retrofits in a 150-year infrastructure used by millions of commuters, in the case of London Underground who won the transport category in 2013.

‘While winning a Lux Award is a marketing gold for companies involved in the projects, they can also lead to a significant business boost often elevating the importance of lighting within the winning organisations leading to further investments. It’s often the people behind the projects who receive the biggest boost many of whom have been promoted within their organisations.’

Now in its the seventh year, the Lux Awards is open to manufacturers, consulting engineers, lighting designers and end users.

The  Lux Awards is the ultimate recognition for organisations who have used lighting to reduce energy and improve the user experience. Covering the full range of lighting applications from retail to transport, winning a Lux Award is an ideal opportunity to reward the people and organisations who are making a difference. 

  • The How to win a Lux Award webcast takes place on Wednesday 31 May 2017 at 1pm  (British Summer Time).  It’s free if you register HERE.