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How to Light: What light levels are required for hotel guestrooms?

To answer simply there is no specific legislation or standards relating to light levels in hotel guestrooms.

However, associations like CIBSE and SLL in the UK or IESNA in North America do set down guidelines rather than mandatory requirements. They would cover a suggested light level for task areas such as desk or reading areas like a bedside or armchair. In essence though, the correct light levels for guestrooms are defined by guest satisfaction.

The biggest single complaint registered by hotel visitors is the lack of sufficient lighting in guestrooms. Such spaces are multifunctional and designers should therefore build in sufficient light points with optimum light output to ensure guests can work, read, relax and live.

There is one part of guestroom lighting which does however follow stringent regulations and that is emergency lighting for use during a power failure, fire or other emergency. Such requirements can be found in building regulations or codes which may vary according to region or type of property.

This question was answered by Ganesh Prasad head of technical at Chelsom.