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‘Monstrous’ streetlight sparks rage at historic Tudor house

The residents of a listed Tudor property are finding it difficult to live with the new unsightly streetlamp that has been placed outside by the council.
The ill-fitting streetlight in West Street in Warwick. The 40ft lamp was placed in front of the historic  house by the local council. Photo by Martyn Ashford.

A huge 40ft streetlight, more suited to lighting a motorway than a quiet suburban street, is causing outrage at a listed building in historic Warwick.

The residents of the 400 hundred-year old Malt House are irate after the council placed the large street light outside their home.

‘In other areas of Warwick they have historic-looking lights that look like gas lamps which are only 20ft,’ Malt House resident Ian Downie told The Warwick Courier.

‘But  what we now have is a 40ft light that looks like it should be on the M6.’

The local council had found a fault with the lamp, which was originally placed further down the street.

The Warwick Authority later found that the light could not be returned to its former position because of costs, so they placed it right in front of the Malt House instead.

Light pollution levels are now causing a problem in the building, as the bedrooms at the front of the house are subject to a nightly wave of intense illumination.

‘The light affects all three bedrooms in particular as they are at the front of the property,’ Downie added.

As the building is a listed property, Downie had faced an uphill struggle with the council to make any changes to the property.

He has been left exasperated though at the ease with which the council can deposit a somewhat less than sympathetic streetlight just outside his house.

‘Our biggest concern is that the council can put a light in front of any other historic building in Warwick without any consideration, discussion or consideration of listed buildings,’ Downie commented.

‘It is just ridiculous to think people have to jump through hoops to develop properties in the conservation area when the county council can come along and put this up with no consultation in front of somebody’s house,’ local Warwick councillor Martyn Ashford told the Courier.

‘The council is driving a coach and horses through regulations,’ Ashford concluded.