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Footfall Lighting takes LED handrail to next step

Handrail lighting has been able to develop thanks to the the rise of LED.


The LED modules have been specially designed to ensure that there are no protruding edges or openings to attract vandals.

Handrail lighting has come of age as a consequence of the LED revolution. All large estate organisations need to ensure safety of movement on stairs and ramps inside and outside of their buildings. But the traditional solutions of lighting mounted at high level are becoming costly to maintain. A light source that combines low energy, low heat output, small size and with a long operating life answers many of the demands of the facilities and estate manages who look after these installations. 

The Continulux LED light system from Footfall Lighting combines experience with forward-looking design. The ambition of its founder, John Haynes, is that the company should provide ‘affordable handrail lighting’. How it does this is reflected in the years of experience that John brings to the design table. With a lifetime’s experience in metal fabrication behind him, John has been producing handrails and balustrading systems for nearly forty years. He began to develop LED module inserts over a decade ago and sees the integration of LED modular lighting into handrails and balustrades as a natural progression in handrail provision.

The Continulux LED light system is designed for two diameters of handrail, 42.4mm and 48.3mm. The LED modules have been

The Continulux LED light system is designed for two diameters of handrail, 42.4mm and 48.3mm. 

specially designed to ensure that there are no protruding edges or openings to attract vandals and cause damage to people using the handrails for support.

The LED modules. The standard length of LED module is 300mm. It can be mounted end-to-end to provide a single, continuous line of light should the design require it.  The modules are rated at IP65 and are UV stabilised to satisfy exterior locations. The high pressure injection moulded lens is made from an antimicrobial polycarbonate, STERILUX.

Two light distributions are available, providing either a symmetrical washlight distribution, for centrally-mounted handrail installations or an asymmetric distribution for conventional wall-bracketed situations.

An elegant addition to illuminated handrail design is the inclusion of a miniature spotlight, again fully flush to the handrail wall and constructed to a high specification of marine grade 316 polished stainless of steel.

LED technology makes lighting control easy to manage, so illumination can be adjusted according to activity, reducing energy during times when there is no one present by reducing light levels.

Two colour temperatures are available, at 3000K and 4000K.

Whether the handrails are centrally post-mounted or wall-bracketed, handrails can be offered with integral emergency lighting options to provide adequate illuminance to satisfy current harmonised standards and to specific client requirements.

Footfall Lighting provides an OEM supply service to selected and approved UK handrail manufacturers who comply with all necessary certifications and standards, including for specialist environments such as Aerospace and Rail.  Footfall Lighting also offers a technical advisory service to support those companies.

The handrail can also be used for domestic purposes, such as to create a balcony.

Handrails must be constructed from either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, depending on location.

An affordable handrail system

The Continulux handrail system has been designed to provide a safe and secure solution to all those responsible for maintaining safe and secure movement around buildings, on stairs, ramps and exterior walkways.

Made in England

Footfall Lighting is proud to be able to say that the Continulux LED modules are assembled in the UK. The high-pressure injection moulding of the LED module casing is manufactured and tested by Penhale Quantock, based in Somerset, using their long experience in precision moulding technology.