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Lighting for rail: New product round-up

Philips is a offering a new pay as you go model, in which you pay for the amount of light you use, instead of the light itself.

After the success of Lux’s Lighting for Rail Conference, which was held in Central London last month, we have gathered together some of the best new lighting products that can be used on the rail network.

Nedap – Luxon IoT Node

The Luxon IoT Node makes it very easy to connect LED luminaires. Connected lighting is the key to  maximise your energy savings. The node offers extended functionality, such as performance monitoring and remote diagnostics of LED fixtures.

The availability of real-time lighting information empowers the user to make highly informed decisions and track improvements. The IoT node is especially developed for large scale installations at commercial and industrial environments.




Clear-Vu Lighting – Metro Guide Light

The Metro Guide Light (MGL) is the first LED-based lighting fixture designed from the ground up for transit tunnel environments. With an optional four hour integral emergency battery backup, the MGL will meet the illumination levels and technical requirements of NFPA 130 without the need for a central battery system or generator and inverter.

Additionally, the MGL has been certified through third party testing for best-in-class performance including electromagnetic compatibility, surge immunity and pressure impulse, as well as AREMA and MIL-STD-810 environmental standards.



Recolight –  Free lamp collection service

Are you paying to have your waste lamps collected and recycled? At Recolight we still come across many collectors of waste lamps that are being charged for their recycling. 

All too often, they are not aware that under the WEEE regulations, they should be able to access a free recycling service, funded by lamp producers.

The Recolight service includes free collection, recycling and consignment notes. For quantities over 1000 lamps each quarter the container is free too. We can also provide a service for light fittings. Eight large rail stations have used the Recolight service, contact us to find out how we can help.



Aura Light –  Aura A-LED 

Virgin Trains have replaced the lighting in the luggage shelves, carriages and toilet stalls on their flagship fast Pendolino train carriages with Aura A-LED and the Aura T8 Ultimate long life lamp. Virgin is hoping to achieve a 2.5 per cent reduction per annum in CO2 emissions on the trains they operate and they plan to achieve this plan by using efficient use of lighting.

Virgin concluded that Aura’s products were the best to help them  achieve their goal, whilst improving the overall light quality in the train carriages. Before (left) and after (right) shots can be seen to the right.



The Environmental Network

The Environmental Network (TEN) is a leading organisation in the fight for sustainable alternatives, offering businesses the chance to improve their social, ecological and financial footprint in a world striving for a lower carbon footprint.

The Network provides a number of fully integrated solutions to help create a more sustainable business, including LED lighting, solar and smart building solutions. The Network will partner with firms, such as a rail operator for example, to create not only the most sustainable, integrated lighting solution, but also one that is right for employees and commuters.



Footfall Lighting – Continulux

Handrails offer the perfect solution for stair and walkway lighting putting the light exactly where you want it. Continulux is a seamlessly, continuous LED light system, which delivers symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution.

Designed for the toughest locations, each 300mm module has the advantage of an antimicrobial, high impact lens in an IP65 housing. Its photometric versatility, through a diffused or clear lens, makes it particularly attractive to the lighting designer and engineer.



DW Windsor – Illuminated ‘anti-climb’ handrail

Part of DW Windsor’s Garda handrail system, this innovative and robust anti-climb handrail is designed to achieve high performance lighting levels, compliant with British Standards. This fully patented design is manufactured in aluminium specifically for transport applications, providing a versatile lighting solution.

Genuine asymmetric distribution is achieved through optical control, without the need to tilt the LEDs giving an absolute cut-off and avoiding nuisance light spill onto adjacent areas such as the track. With minimal maintenance requirements, all LED modules are connected by IP68 sockets with accessible wiring via concealed security fixings.



Holophane – Haloprism 

Taking high bay lighting to new levels of lumen output with superior light control, Haloprism fuses the latest in LED technology with the distinguished dynamics of Holophane’s durable prismatic glass optics. The product delivers a high LED lumen package, a long system life and is a low maintenance high bay luminaire solution.


Philips – Lighting as a Service

Bespoke connected lighting solutions for transportation without the cash outlay. Philips Light as a Service is a great pay as you go model where instead of buying a luminaire you buy light. And not just light but a connected lighting solution. There is no upfront investment. The monthly fee will cover the energy and maintenance costs.

The new luminaries consume 50 per cent less power and have a longer life span than conventional luminaries.

Now you can have data driven strategies, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable luminaries all managed and hassle free.


Nualight – ARC 2 

This range of incredibly efficient and light weight IP65 high-bay solutions is available for use in a range of industrial and rail applications from warehouses and logistic centres to large concourse and platform areas.

A unique curved body, precision optics and thermal engineering all come together in Arc 2 resulting in a robust and high performing solution with efficacies up to 140 lm/W and an exceptionally long rated lifetime up to 100,000 hours, thus increasing ROI and minimising maintenance cycles.

Optional controls provide further opportunities for energy saving and control through PIR, Daylight sensors and DALI. Arc 2 from Nualight is available in a range of lengths, wattages and beam profiles.