Sylvania recalls LED battens over shock fears

In exceptional circumstances, the affected Sylbatten luminaires may present a risk of the internal wiring overheating, potentially leading to exposure of live conductors.

FEILO SYLVANIA is recalling its popular Sylbatten LED linear light fittings over fears that it may cause electric shock.

The company says that in exceptional circumstances, the products may present a risk of the internal wiring overheating, potentially leading to exposure of live conductors.

Check the code on the luminaire packaging or product as above, or either the code or model number. 0045170_SYLBATTEN LED1 NW TP3,0045171_SYLBATTEN LED2 NW TP3,0045172_SYLBATTEN LED3 NW TP30045173_SYLBATTEN LED5.5 NW TP3,0045174_SYLBATTEN LED4 NW TP3,0045175_SYLBATTEN LED8 NW TP3,0045176_SYLBATTEN LED1 WW TP3,0045177_SYLBATTEN LED2 WW TP3,0045178_SYLBATTEN LED3 WW TP3,0045179_SYLBATTEN LED5.5 WW TP3,0045180_SYLBATTEN LED4 WW TP3,0045181_SYLBATTEN LED8 WW TP3,0045182_SYLBATTEN LED1 6K TP3,0045183_SYLBATTEN LED2 6K TP3,0045184_SYLBATTEN LED3 6K TP3,0045185_SYLBATTEN LED5.5 6K TP3,0045186_SYLBATTEN LED4 6K TP3,0045187_SYLBATTEN LED8 6K TP3,0045188_SYLBATTEN LED1 NW DALI TP5,0045189_SYLBATTEN LED2 NW DALI TP5,0045190_SYLBATTEN LED3 NW DALI TP5,0045191_SYLBATTEN LED5.5 NW DALI TP5,0045192_SYLBATTEN LED4 NW DALI TP5,0045193_SYLBATTEN LED8 NW DALI TP5,0045197_SYLBATTEN LED5.5 6K DALI TP5,0045200_SYLBATTEN LED3 NW TP4 E3,0045201_SYLBATTEN LED5.5 NW TP4 E3,0045202_SYLBATTEN LED4 NW TP4 E3,0045203_SYLBATTEN LED8 NW TP4 E3,0045214_SYLBATTEN LED4 6K DALI TP6 E3,0045216_SYLBATTEN LED3 NW TP3 PIR,0045217_SYLBATTEN LED5.5 NW TP3 PIR,0045218_SYLBATTEN LED4 NW TP3 PIR,0045219_SYLBATTEN LED8 NW TP3 PIR,0045220_SYLBATTEN LED3 6K TP3 PIR,    0045238_ SYLBATTEN LED3 NW TP5 OR,0045239_SYLBATTEN LED5.5 NW TP5 OR,0045240_SYLBATTEN LED4 NW TP5 OR,0045241_SYLBATTEN LED8 NW TP5 OR,0045244_SYLBATTENLED3NW DALI10%TP5 PIR

The Sylbatten luminaires affected by the recall are those manufactured between 7 March 2017 and 1 June 2017. They are through-wired three-core TP3 versions. They are non-dimmable and range in lumen packages ranging from 1000 lm to 8000 lm.

The company says that products already installed in buildings can remain on site. However, it will arrange for qualified and trained contractors to visit installations and rework the products in situ.

The LED batten range was introduced to replace traditional T8 battens in 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm lengths.

SylBattens are traditionally installed in large industrial areas such as corridors, warehouses, back of house areas or general purpose spaces. The high performance version delivers up to 8,348lm in a colour temperature of 4000K.

Those who believe they may have affected Sylbatten fittings should contact the company’s special recall team on or by telephone on 0800 440 2478.

In a statement to Lux, Feilo Sylvania Europe said that, in accordance with its own recall procedure, it is currently conducting an after sale corrective action on the Sylvania Syl Batten LED fixtures. The company has already contacted all of its customers and is implementing this recall in accordance with the applicable laws.

It said the luminaires required the action due to their ‘non compliance of the through wiring with the safety standard applicable to luminaires EN60598-1 Luminaires – Part 1 : General requirements and tests’.

‘Although there have been no reported complaints or product incidents to date, a risk of fire and electric shock has been identified only under exceptional fault conditions.

‘Customers who have purchased these products but have not yet installed them, have been instructed to set them aside so that they can be collected by our company.

‘Considering that the risk of fire or electric shock would only occur under exceptional fault conditions, we can confirm that the products that are already installed can remain on site.

‘However, as a precautionary measure, Feilo Sylvania is arranging for its qualified and trained contractors to re-work the products on site as soon as possible.

‘As a responsible company, the quality and safety of our products remain our greatest concern’.