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Easi does it

There is an issue with ‘smart’ technology. It may be smart, but it’s not always clever. Engaging with smart technology can often be daunting, requiring a level of knowledge that feels more akin to working on a space programme. It does feel like rocket science.

Which makes initiatives like the EasiliteTM 1.0 Intelligent Lighting Module all the more welcome. Here we have a smart device that looks familiar, connects to conventional lighting circuits in a way that we all understand, and comes with a downloadable app that works as if it was designed by a rational human being for other rational human beings.

The principle behind the EasiliteTM 1.0 Intelligent Lighting Module is that it easily connects into an existing lighting installation. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to enable dimming of appropriate LED luminaires, providing control of lighting via Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. Software downloads and updates are free, so the system is always operating at peak performance.

The module will dim all LED lamps and integrated LED luminaires that are compatible with leading or trailing edge dimming, to a total load of 50W. That means the EasiliteTM 1.0 Intelligent Lighting Module can be used for almost 100 per cent of typical domestic, hotel and small-to-medium commercial installations that we’d expect to see using LED GU10 and MR16 lamps and dimmable LED filament lamps (GLS and ‘hipster’ versions). This is good news.

And the system can be expanded as required. Bluetooth connectivity means that each module speaks to every other module in the vicinity, providing a ‘mesh network’ that creates a Smart link between all lighting circuits, with the device issuing the lighting instructions.


How does it look?

First, the hardware. The EasiliteTM 1.0 Intelligent Lighting Module simply requires the electrician to connect a mains supply at one end, and provides a convenient loop-out connection for wiring to other modules within the space. At the other end of the module, we have the connection out to the luminaire. And that is it, as far as getting busy with a screwdriver is concerned.

And the software? It’s simply a case of downloading the app, following the straightforward instructions to connect your device to the module, and away you go. As you’d expect, there are hidden depths that enable you to do even more interesting things with the EasiliteTM 1.0 Intelligent Lighting Module, but the initial set-up doesn’t require you to delve into those realms before you have a working installation.

This is the kind of device that can bridge the gap between high-specification Smart technology and the high street. For once, Smart technology really does mean intelligent.

The EasiliteTM 1.0 Intelligent Lighting Module comes with a five-year warranty and a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

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