How to Light

How to Light: Can I install PoE at home, and what would that look like to me?

This question was answered by the Dwight Stewart, CTO and founder of Igor.

At the moment, PoE building systems are being adopted in larger and more commercial settings in the market. However, PoE is fully capable and available for home use for forward-thinking trendsetters. 


In the home, PoE controls can be designed to work with traditional light switches and controls while still be accessible via a computer or mobile device for more advanced setting controls. At-home use provides all of the same benefits that a commercial consumer would experience: granular control, designer lighting balance to optimise comfort and health, emergency lighting support, and customisable security settings and layers. Industry-leading PoE building and home solutions are already AI-ready, which allows for future compatibility with voice-activated assistants and yet-to-be-developed artificial intelligence programs.  


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