Price-fix firm recalls downlights in fire-rating mix-up

The recall arises over a mix-up of fire- and non-fire-rated Orb recessed LED downlights sold as white-label products to trade supplier Screwfix.

POOLE Lighting, main subsidiary of the National Lighting Company which was fined £2.7 million for price fixing, is recalling a series of downlights over safety fears.

The recall arises over a mix-up of fire- and non-fire-rated recessed LED downlights named Orb which are sold as white-label products to trade supplier Screwfix.

The companies said they have become aware that non-fire rated versions were supplied to customers despite them being advertised as fire rated. ’Although both variants are electrically safe and fully compliant with all relevant safety legislation, the non-fire rated variants cannot be used in locations where fire integrity is required’, Screwfix told its customers.

The versions were put on sale between 20 September last year and 14 June 2017. There are two affected products, the LED Orb indirect LED downlight in warm white (Screwfix code 1798K,  barcode 5014838671917, model 67191) and the LED Orb indirect LED downlight in natural white (Screwfix code 3990K, barcode 5014838671924, model 67192).

The products – which sell for £20 – can also be identified by their differences. The rear of the fire-rated downlight is smooth. It also states ‘fire rated’ on rating label, which is attached to the rear of the product while the packaging states ’30, 60 & 90 Min Fire Rated’ and shows a fire-rated symbol.

The non-fire rated version, by contrast, features white heatsink ridges on the rear surface. There is no mention of fire ratings on the label and is attached to a white power cord. There is no fire rated symbol on packaging.

Customers who received a non-fire rated variant but actually required a fire-rated version, or those who are unsure of the identification of the version they received are urged to contact Screwfix on 03330 112 112 or email [email protected] and the company will arrange a free of charge fire-rated replacement.

However, if the downlights have already been installed and they have been identified as the incorrect version, customers should email [email protected] or call 01202 642739, where the company will arrange for a third-party electrical contractor to attend the property and replace the products with the correct version.

It also advises contractors to contact their own customers immediately to advise of the product safety notice and take any appropriate action.