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A new SLL Lighting Handbook for 2018

In 2009, to celebrate the centenary of the original Illuminating Engineering Society, the Society of Light and Lighting published the SLL Lighting Handbook. Intended as a first stop for anyone looking for information about the science, technology and application of lighting, the handbook has been an invaluable source for lighting professionals and non-professionals alike.

But 2009 seems a very long time ago and we’ve experienced a massive shift in technology since then. Some lamp types have all but disappeared, while the LED, little more than a gleam in the eye of its creators back then, has grown into the behemoth that we all know today. Lighting controls were yet to embrace their full potential – and the Internet of Things hadn’t left the pages of sci-fi novels and the thought bubbles of geeky teenagers.

So 2018 is a good time to look forward to the second edition of the SLL Lighting Handbook.

The new, fully updated edition runs to over 100 pages more than the original, with 10 more chapters, reflecting the way that the lighting industry has developed over the past decade. It will be a useful first port of call for those tackling unfamiliar areas of lighting. Plus there will be new chapters that link to recent Lighting Guides, including:

  • Lighting for Places of Worship (2014)
  • Control of Electric Lighting (2012)
The list of contributors includes Lux’s own technical editor, Alan Tulla.

as well as areas not yet covered by guides, such as lighting for temporary architectural events and extreme environments.

From the designer’s point of view the new handbook will also emphasise the visual environment. As we all know, lighting in practice has suffered for many years from a quantitative approach to illumination, where illuminance on desks has prevailed over the quality of what we actually see and experience in the built environment around us.

The SLL Lighting Handbook is a true labour of love. It draws from the well of talent and experience that is the UK lighting industry. The handbook is being produced under the leadership of Paul Ruffles, ex-chair of the SLL Technical and Publications Committee, with voluntary contributions from around 100 people writing, editing and peer-reviewing chapters. And we are proud to say that the list of contributors includes Lux’s own technical editor, Alan Tulla.

The SLL Lighting Handbook will be one of the most comprehensive guides to interior and exterior lighting in the world – and you’ll be able to add it to your Christmas list. It will be available from CIBSE Publications in early 2018, but orders will be welcomed ahead of publication. As ever, it will be available in print form or as a PDF download, with beneficial pricing for CIBSE/SLL members.

There will be an opportunity to discuss the new handbook at LuxLive, where it will be featured on the SLL stand. You will also be able to order a copy at the show.

And for the historians and sentimentalists among us, the original SLL Lighting Handbook is still available from CIBSE Publications

There may be enough print copies still available for you to enjoy the technologies of a world that has changed almost beyond recognition.