CoeLux brings California sunshine to a Copenhagen restaurant

The groundbreaking CoeLux artificial skylight has been installed at a new restaurant in Copenhagen.

The California Kitchen in the Danish capital has become the first restaurant to introduce CoeLux, which uses LEDs and unique nanotechnology to bring the effect of sunshine indoors.

Created by Californian and Danish architects and designers, the casual restaurant puts a focus on health, and the use of CoeLux allows them to create the healthy feeling of sunlight indoors.

CoeLux says the light will help “boost the feeling of wellbeing and comfort” in the restaurant.

CoeLux has the appearance of a skylight giving a view of the sun in a blue sky. Actually it is created using an LED light source, coupled with clever optics and nanotechnology to recreate the natural scattering effect that makes the sky blue.

The product, which won the Lux Award for light source innovation of the year in 2014, is now available in a number of versions, including smaller units.

CoeLux has been used by retail brands including Nike, Bang & Olufsen, Boffi, Laufen and Uterqüe. It has also been installed in radiotherapy rooms at a hospital in Milan – an ideal application for the technology as these rooms cannot have windows.