UK and Ireland lighting associations to work together

LAI chairman Gay Byrne and LIA commercial manager Julie Humphreys

The UK’s Lighting Industry Association (LIA) has agreed to work closely with the recently formed Lighting Association of Ireland (LAI).

The two associations said they share a similar outlook on their members and the future of lighting, and hope the relationship will be beneficial.

The organisations also hinted that uncertainty surrounding Brexit was a factor in the agreement. “With whatever Brexit may or not bring, both associations agree that it is logical to have mutually-beneficial ties to maximise shared strengths and interests for the future,” they said.

The agreement will also see the two associations share member benefits, including access to training and networking events, and the LIA’s UKAS-accredited lighting laboratory.

The Lighting Association of Ireland was formed in 2014 to represent companies and professionals in the lighting industry in Ireland. It is chaired by Gay Byrne, managing director of Dublin-based Fantasy Lights Group.

The UK’s Lighting Industry Association (LIA) is Europe’s largest trade association for lighting equipment professionals, with 80 years of experience and more than 250 members. It is led by CEO Steve Davies and current president Dave Ribbons of Lutron.