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Albuquerque streetlights to go LED

The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico is set to become the latest to make the switch to LED streetlighting.

Mayor Richard Berry said: “This initiative will not only make our city more beautiful and energy efficient, but it will also improve public safety. Crime does not like a stage and by strategically lighting up our neighbourhoods we can make Albuquerque safer.”

Old streetlights will be replaced under a 15-year deal with Citelum, which has worked on similar projects in cities including Paris and Copenhagen.

Citelum has spent the last 12 months developing a “lighting masterplan” for Albuquerque, beginning with an inventory of all its streetlights. It will now upgrade 20,000 of the city’s 32,600 lights to LED versions, and will maintain them for the next 15 years.

The upgrade will be paid for from savings on energy and maintenance bills, and will see the city cut its carbon emissions by more than 123,000 tonnes over the 15 years of the project.

Berry said the new lighting will also provide better quality light and less light pollution at nighttime.

With the cost savings that will be generated through the energy efficiency, the city will also be able to implement additional lighting in areas with high levels of crim, Berry said.

The LED streetlighting project was approved this week by a committee of Albuquerque’s city council, and is expected to get the final go-ahead when the full council votes on it next week.