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Finally, England says yes to LEDs on motorways

The previous sodium installation compared to the new LED lights at the upgrade of the M62 motorway between junctions 22 and 25

DECADES after the first widespread commercialisation of LEDs, England has finally installed the solid-state light source on a motorway.

Contractors working for Highways England carried out a series of upgrades to the M62, including the replacement of 1,618 street lights with LED luminaires – which could save more than 700 tonnes of carbon a year, enough to power 20,000 homes. It’s the first large-scale deployment of LEDs on a public motorway in the country.

The improvement work took place on the M62 near Huddersfield and Halifax between junction 22 and 25, and the M621 near Leeds. The new lighting is 53 per cent more efficient saving the equivalent energy of powering the homes of 20,000 people and 389,000 loads of washing.

The project also included upgrading street lighting power supply equipment on both roads and the installation of a remote monitoring system which allows contractors to remotely control the lights.

The newly-installed LED lights require no routine maintenance, which means less disruption for drivers.

Highways England service delivery team leader for Yorkshire and Humber, Mark Ramsden, told Lux: ‘This is a true example of taking innovation from another industry, modifying it for the highways sector, and improving value by locking in safety, customer, cost efficiencies and environment benefits.

‘We’ve replaced the conventional lighting with the newly developed lighting to provide bright, effective illumination to highways and road signs – reducing maintenance and road closures for drivers’.

Previously, LEDs had only been used for the illumination of signage on the nation’s motorways.


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