Has lighting gone utterly bonkers?

When did the lighting industry go utterly bonkers? When did luminaires start to do crazy things? Our experts will explain what's going on....

SUPERMARKET lights are guiding customers to bargains in shopping malls, street lights are finding motorists parking spaces and airport lights are tracking wheelchairs. Wait. What?

When did the lighting industry go utterly bonkers? When did luminaires start to do crazy things?

These are just some of the killer apps for so-called ‘connected lighting’ that are set to change the lighting industry forever.

To get a grip on this craziness, Lux has brought together two experts to explain what’s going on. One is Lux Review chief and industry analyst Gordon Routledge, who’ll give a market overview and outline the reasons for the move from analogue lighting to digital gee-whizzery.

The other is Sam Hall, solutions architect at Gooee, the company leading the charge into smart lighting connected to the Internet of Things.

We’ll look at the apps that are currently on the market and look at what’s coming up next. You’ll also learn about the technology that’s going into lighting to make it smart and how it can be adapted with your choice of app and services to deliver the information that you want. 

Finally, the webcast will explain a new category in the Lux Awards 2017 called Connected Lighting Concept of the Year.

It’s an opportunity for you to pitch an idea for a smart lighting application to the industry. You could win you an award and a trip to Florida!

  • The webcast – in association with Gooee – takes place on Wednesday 6 September at  7:00 AM CDT / 1:00 PM BST / 4:00 PM GST / 8:00 PM HKT and is completely free – register today HERE.
  • Find out more about the new category in the Lux Awards HERE
  • See the latest internet-connected lighting at this year’s LuxLive 2017, taking place on Wednesday 15 November and Thursday 16 November 2017 at ExCeL, London. Entry is free if you register HERE