Mobile Phone Stores

‘Just high contrast local lighting where it needs to go, with the added flavouring of decorative pendants.’

Given that the mobile phone is forever being held up as the accessory de nos jours, you’d think that the high street manifestation of such a vital piece of kit would reflect the essential nature of the beastie.

Not so. With the marked exception of Carphone Warehouse, the feeling is that the lighting is low on the fit-out costing plans. We suspect that these shops don’t know what they’re actually trying to sell.

Retail Hell – EE

Mary: A very tired and dated scheme where the digital media is way out of balance with the rest of the scheme, and the centre of the store has no emphasis at all.

Tom: A gem of a retail cave. Surprisingly poor considering they are in the heart of London, they are a multinational company, and selling technology. Tired and dirty scheme which they are trying to keep fresh with integrated stand lighting and new signage.

Retail Heaven – Carphone Warehouse

Mary: Good use of cooler light, good CRI, attention to glare, good vertical illuminance. I really like the soft light from the pendants.

Tom: Very on-trend hipster-inspired store. Good use of modern industrial-style lighting, and nice mixed use of lensed spotlights to perimeter stands and diffused pendant to central islands. Cool temperature used, which is bold but goes well with the tech merchandise.


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