Shoe Stores

‘The whole point of lighting an artwork is to allow viewers to appreciate the detail – and that’s what shoe display lighting is all about’

There was a time when the high street shoe shop was in its full pomp, but the title of Most Over-Represented Retail Sector in the High Street has, of course, long been lost to coffee shops.

There is a general tidiness to the way that shoes are displayed that gives the shop designers a better chance of producing something that’s worth looking at.

A shoe is not much – but an entire wall is an artwork.

Retail Hell – Foot Asylum

Mary: Tortuous ceiling details that must only make it harder for the contractor to install. Worst of all – not enough light on the product.

Tom: Horrific oppressive store with overhead lighting everywhere, yet still the merchandise yearns for more. Quite a skill in itself. I don’t have any more to say as I ran out the store.

Retail Heaven – Schuh

Mary: A vibrant interpretation of the brand – good use of cooler light.

Tom: A great design which is really in touch with the clientele for Schuh. Cool and trendy scheme, with a flexible track and spot system and some central decorative items like the encapsulate tubes that add to the ‘fresh and slick’ trainer industry vibe at the moment.


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