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10 European cities team up to test IoT lighting

The Belgian city of Ghent is one of 10 across Europe set to trial internet-connected lighting and other ‘internet of things’ technologies.

TEN EUROPEAN cities have teamed up to trial internet-connected lighting and other IoT technologies.

Aarhus, Amsterdam, Aberdeen, Bergen, Bradford, Dordrecht, Ghent, Gothenberg and Hamburg will share the learnings from trials which they hope will cut their costs by 10 per cent.

The first experiment will be the installation of smart sensors in dustbins so that they can request emptying when full, saving on wasted bin lorry journeys. Trials with lighting and parking are expected to follow. Street lights could, for instance, help motorists find parking places on city streets.

The five-year project – dubbed Smart Cities and Open Data Re-use (SCORE) –  is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
If successful, the technologies could deliver savings of around €50 million, say the project’s leaders.

‘One of the tasks we are involved in is to facilitate knowledge sharing among city partners,’ Dr Dhaval Thakkar of University of Bradford, a project partner, told UKA Smart Place. ‘The nine city partners are likely to have different IT infrastructure and level of preparedness for developing smart city solutions and generating open data.

‘We aim to conduct workshops and prepare a working document that summarises the best practices across different city partners, including our research into best practices elsewhere.’
University of Bradford with the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands and Aarhus University in Denmark will then test out ideas and services in its ‘living lab’. 

‘It’s about providing a reliable and realistic-scale testing environment for IoT solutions developed by municipalities, universities and in many cases individual developers and companies,’ says Thakkar. ‘The lab can be in the form of a simulated environment at academic institutions or a realistic environment in urban areas.’

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