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4 must see horticultural lighting products shaping the food industry

In this fast developing lighting sector, horticultural lighting has grown as quickly as the plants that it feeds. Here is a round-up of four of the products changing the way we provide food.



Valoya is a provider of high end, energy efficient LED grow lights for use in crop science, vertical farming and medicinal plants cultivation. Valoya LED grow lights have been developed using proprietary LED technology and extensive plant photobiology research that includes more than 400 large scale trials done in the past decade.

The expertise accumulated enables Valoya to provide its clients with reliable, optimal growth protocols for most plants cultivated worldwide. Additionally, Valoya provides free of charge, comprehensive light plans for its clients.

Valoya’s customer base includes 8 out of 10 world’s largest agricultural companies



Light Engine – 1,000W LED Grow Light

With Light Engine’s cutting-edge LED innovations, we can custom build LED grow light products specifically for indoor horticulture applications. The advantages of LED grow lights offer unique custom optics engineered to deliver optimum lighting for all types of crops, proprietary thermal management design, high energy efficiency, long lifetime and reliable quality which is the perfect replacement of conventional HID fixtures.

Light Engine presents the 1,000W LED Grow Light utilises full-spectrum driverless COBs offer high light-output. Enhanced ROI through increased yields and save operating costs.

We are your ideal OEM/ODM partner by supporting every project with a high level of engineering expertise to design, develop and manufacture high quality LED Grow Light products



Budmaster LED

Budmaster LED design and manufacture high quality lamps for the hydroponic and horticultural sectors using Osram horticultural led.

Our lamps are manufactured in the UK, by combining our horticultural knowledge and Marl Internationals ( decades of led experience we have created truly outstanding lamps that provide a reliable and repeatable yield year on year.

Stable efficiency levels of 1.83µmol/j in our Budmaster family combined with a led lifespan of 100,000 hours lower your total cost of ownership considerably and beat all competitors in the same class.

More information including PPFD maps and photometric data can be found online.


Hellight Magna grow light

Hellight Magna is a high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp. It is an electromagnetic fixture with 400W and 600W power options to be used in greenhouses as a grow light. The lamp’s reflector is of high quality MIRO9 aluminium, and its shape can be tailor-made to give the best light coverage in each greenhouse.

The light bulbs of Hellight Magna are for E40 cap-base and the lamp’s innovative construction assures fast and easy maintenance. In addition, Helle Oy provides a wide range of other lamp models and light lowering systems. 



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