The Professional Lighting Design Week 2017 in Paris

The whole topic of architectural lighting design thrives on the opportunity for people to exchange ideas and information. There is hardly any other topic in the field of architecture right now that has as much dynamic impact as light. Digitalisation, biodynamic light in our architectural environments and the diverse definitions of light quality enhance the scope of architectural design substantially. But there is a great need for education and discussion.

Which is why we are planning a week of activities and events around the Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC 2017, in Paris in order to provide architects, specialist planners and the general public with more information about The importance of light. In collaboration with the City of Paris, we are calling all manufacturers to open their doors and showrooms from 30. October to 4. November, and to stage events to inform, discuss and philosophise about light.

Over around six days our partners will open their showrooms for discussions, exhibitions and get-togethers. We are expecting lighting designers, architects and creative minds from all over the world to attend PLDC. The Professional Lighting Design Week Paris is a great opportunity to attract leading planners from the design community – along the lines of the Paris Fashion Week.

Using the energy of light, we will underscore through exhibitions, discussions, lectures, installations, creative activities, excursions the importance of light for man and architecture and make people aware of future developments.

The PLD week in Paris is supported by the Syndicat de l’Eclairage, the organisation of the French lighting industry and EVESA.