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Exclusive: First Li-Fi drivers to be launched at LuxLive

Making their debut at LuxLive 2017 in November are the LiFi-XC driver and dongle, the first certified platform for the technology which is set to enable lighting manufacturers to enter the market.

THE FIRST certified mass-market Li-Fi drivers are set to be introduced to the lighting industry at LuxLive in November, Lux can reveal.

The launch – by Li-Fi pioneer pureLiFi –  means that now manufacturers of luminaires can incorporate the technology in their products to offer secure internet connectivity using visible light.

The Li-Fi XC driver – which is FCC, UL and CE marked – turns LED light fittings into access points for the internet. When paired with a new superslim dongle – the size of a memory stick – it allows devices such as laptops and tablets to communicate in both directions with the luminaire.

The company is seeing the launch of the two products as the start of mass commercialisation of the platform.

The architecture of a basic Li-Fi installation on LED lights.

‘This is a great opportunity for the lighting industry to diversify beyond lighting’, said pureLiFi founder Harald Haas. ‘Nokia never got around the fact that mobile phones moved beyond telephony, and similarly, the lighting industry has the opportunity to go beyond simple illumination into new markets.

‘We invite lighting manufacturers to come and see the technology at LuxLive and explore the exciting future of Li-Fi.’

The XC Li-Fi driver replaces the standard LED driver and can sit remotely in the ceiling or be incorporated into the luminaire housing.

The XC dongle is three times smaller than the previous unit and provides high-speed, bi-directional, networked and secure wireless communications through light. The unit – which is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux and MAC OS operating systems – can even be integrated into many laptops, tablets and smart appliances.

Together, the devices enable scale deployments of the technology. Early applications are in the military, healthcare, government and diplomatic sectors where sensitive information cannot be shared using Wi-Fi and hacking concerns are highest. The company says that in the longer term, Li-Fi will help solve the problem of ‘spectrum crunch’ where bandwidths begin to reach their limits in the coming years.

’This is a moment in history’, said pureLiFi CEO Alistair Banham. ‘We’ve now reached the point in miniaturisation where we will see Li-Fi move beyond the dongle and be integrated. The LiFi-XC is a big step towards getting this disruptive technology into every bulb and every mobile device.’

‘The LiFi-XC is not just an accomplishment in reduced form factor, we have also made substantial leaps in delivering a great user experience,’ commented pureLiFi chief technology officer Mostafa Afgani. The LiFi-XC offers plug and play connectivity out of the box and supports an even wider range of off the shelf LEDs. We’ve not just improved the design with LiFi-XC; we’ve also delivered a module that can enable smart devices and appliances to be LiFi connected today.’






  • See the Li-Fi XC platform as well as Li-Fi fittings in the Li-Fi Experience zone at LuxLive 2017. LuxLive 2017 takes place at ExCeL London on Wednesday 15 November and Thursday 16 November. Entry is free if you pre-register HERE