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How to Light: Biodynamic, circadian, human-centric lighting – isn’t it all the same thing?

This question has been answered by Jim Ashley-Down, Managing Director of Waldmann Lighting.

Biodynamic lighting and circadian lighting are terms that generally refer to the same thing – lighting that alters certain characteristics of itself throughout the day to help the human body balance with its natural cycles, be they hormonal, metabolic or psychological. In a nutshell, this lighting helps to synchronise our internal clocks and restore or maintain proper rhythm and balance in our lives.

Human-centric lighting can include the biodynamic and circadian methods of lighting, but also applies to lighting on a more physical level. It could be lighting specifically geared to the ageing sight of those in a retirement home, for example, or geared towards task lighting at work or at the bedside.

It could be lighting in a hotel’s foyer coffee shop that creates little pools of calm amid the hustle and bustle. It could even be a fun plastic dinosaur that glows and amuses your children. Human-centric lighting places the individual first and is specific to that individual at that place.

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