How to Light, Outdoor

How to Light: What should I look for in post-top amenity lighting?

This question was answered by Bill Plageman, VP of marketing at Amerlux.

In a word: reliability.

After all the conversations around design styling and respecting our street ‘heritage’ are done, the one thing that will matter is that the product works without fuss or complaint.

Many public area projects are funded by versions of the ESCO (energy service company). These companies were established to ensure that energy conservation in public lighting was actually achieved. These companies make their money by making sure that ongoing maintenance costs are minimised. Fixtures that don’t perform properly, or have light sources that require regular maintenance, can be damaging to the success of the company, and that puts the entire ESCO concept at risk.

With that in mind, companies providing post-top amenity lighting need to:

  • Have a long-term, proactive working relationship with the ESCO to ensure an appropriate response to design criteria.
  • Have an effective and efficient light engine that guarantees light and energy performance over the time expected of it.
  • Be designed to ensure a rapid installation, whether of the entire post-plus-lantern assembly, or as a retrofit post-top lantern.
  • Have a delivery structure that meets the demands of the ESCO delivery schedules.
  • Create a personalised service between company and ESCO to ensure a knowledge link for all ongoing servicing issues.
  • Offer a range of LED light engines, in terms of light output, colour temperatures and light distribution, capable of being mounted into a variety of lantern styles.

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