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How to Light: Is it possible to convert an existing lighting installation to ‘smart control’?

This question has been answered by Stefan Bernards, proposition manager, light controls, at Nedap.

Luxon provides a ‘build-on activator’ for bringing wireless control to existing industrial installations using LED luminaires. This product does not require customers to change or adapt the fixtures mechanically and thus avoids the need to recertify the fixtures. The activator can be mounted on the side of the fixture via a fixture’s standard knock-out, or connected to fixtures that are wired from a junction box (the activator will be mounted against the junction box).

The activator is available in a 1-10V and DALI version. It includes daylight and motion sensing as well as time and dimming control.

There are practical concerns that need to be addressed if using this kind of external sensor.

  • The unit needs to be mounted with the sensor pointing downwards to ensure optimal performance of the sensor and the integrated wireless antenna.
  • The luminaire needs to be of sufficient size to accommodate the mounting of the sensor.
  • A permanent electrical supply is required for powering the DALI driver, though this may not be an issue with the latest generation of LED drivers.
  • Appropriate drivers will be required within the luminaire to permit dimming.

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