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IoT jargon buster: Your (unreliable) guide to LuxLive

Most lighting executives tell it straight - but occasionally an exhibition visitor will need to reach for our jargon buster to work out exactly what it's meant by phrases such as 'lightcentricity'

THE LIGHTING industry is still getting to grips with the Internet of Things. But it’s the future – and the upcoming LuxLive exhibition in London on Wednesday 15 November and Thursday 16 November will be full of buzzwords such as ‘full stack’, ‘firmware’ and ‘firewall’.

To help you slice your way through the jargon jungle, we’ve put this handy guide together to help you understand what people REALLY mean…


We’re moving beyond illumination

We’ve heard about the ‘IoT’


We’re very excited about the Internet of Things

We know what it stands for


We’ve just hired an amazing 18-year-old programmer

Someone in our company knows what it is


We’re learning with our customers about this technology

Our first IoT projects aren’t working


It’s got the latest firmware updates

I didn’t know what firmware was a week ago


All the data gets uploaded to the cloud

We have no idea what happens to people’s IP addresses


It’s got full stack mesh networking

I don’t know what I’m talking about but I suspect I know more than you


We are making our API available so you can develop some great apps

Just nod and pretend you know what I’m talking about


Space utilisation will be an early application

I heard this on a presentation. Your office cleaner can view hot spotting in real time…oh never mind


It’s got full connectivity

You can dim it


Smart cities

You can dim this street light using the internet


This is a dynamic human centric circadian rhythm lighting system

We can dim between warm and cool white


We’ve integrated the light within architecture

We used LED tape


Golden tail

We still sell the old stuff


Fully automatic

No one knows if it’s working


Available next quarter

It doesn’t exist


I’ll get back to you on that

Please leave



  • Practice your full-stack jargon at LuxLive 2017, which takes place at ExCeL London on Wednesday 17 November and Thursday 18 November 2017. Entry is free if you pre-register HERE.
  • Submit YOUR jargon in our comments box, below…