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Connected kit dominates LuxLive in London

CONNECTED lighting technologies dominated the opening day of LuxLive in London.

A whole swathe of innovations to enable light fittings to connect to the internet were introduced as were the first tranche of off-the-shelf Li-Fi products.

Gooee launched its full range of Internet of Things capabilities in a central arena with a rolling programme of talks, presentations and high tech demonstrations. The company is making a play to be the go-supplier of IoT kit to the lighting industry. 

The leading players in Li-Fi used the event to unveil the first off-the-shelf certified products. Making their world debut in London were downlights, battens and drivers which mark the first commercial mass-production of Li-Fi, the delivery of the internet via visible LED lighting.

The innovations  come from the top three firms, PureLiFi, Linmore and Lucibel, and include certified Li-Fi drivers and Li-Fi-enabled battens and downlights.

PureLiFi and Lucibel unveiled their first joint-venture Ores luminaire, which embeds all the necessary Li-Fi components in an LED downlight. It is able to support between eight to 16 users at once, and deliver data at rates of 45 megabits per second.

A range of Li-Fi drivers – from pureLiFi – means that now manufacturers of luminaires can incorporate the technology in their products to offer secure internet connectivity using visible light.

The Li-Fi XC driver – which is FCC, UL and CE marked – turns LED light fittings into access points for the internet. When paired with a new superslim dongle – the size of a memory stick – it allows devices such as laptops and tablets to communicate in both directions with the luminaire.

Meanwhile US firm Linmore launched the first-ever Li-Fi battens, designed as retrofit for fluorescent luminaires. These light fittings deliver data speeds of up to 43 Megabits-per-second (Mbps) up and down.

The show finishes tomorrow Thursday 16 November.