10 lighting products we LOVED in 2017

Team Lux has cogitated, considered and, frankly, argued about the top 10 innovations in lighting this year.

What were the stand-out innovations in lighting this year? At Lux Towers, we’ve had the heated debate, argued the toss and come up with the top 10 pieces of kit that really stood out for us in the last twelve months. See if you agree…


1. The Blade

iGuzzini did the double with The Blade this year, winning both a Lux Award and a Lighting Design Award, the only product to manage this feat apart from the Coelux skylight. The Blade is actually a huge range rather than one product, but if we had to rescue any single luminaire in a fire it would be the fabulous 28mm wall washer, the world’s smallest. Unquestionably, THE product launch of 2017.

2. LiFi-XC driver

Li-Fi – the transmission of data by visible light from LED luminaires – came of age this year, thanks to the launch at the LuxLive show of the first certified off-the-shelf driver. It’s FCC, UL and CE marked and turns fittings into access points for the internet. When paired with a superslim dongle – the size of a memory stick – it allows devices to communicate in both directions with the luminaire.

3. EM ready2apply

A deserved winner in the emergency lighting product of the year in the 2017 Lux Awards in November, the EM ready2apply is the only product of its type that we know that can fit through a 40mm hole and within a ceiling void of 80mm. It connects an LED and optic, a driver, a battery charging circuit, a Dali interface and monitoring circuit via strap to a LiFePO4 battery. Clever.

4. LEDrose dimmer

Not for the faint of wallet, but the LEDrose dimmer has top-of-the-range specifications and beautiful dimming. In fact the makes say it can smoothly dim every LED on the planet to under .001 per cent. Instead of 255 step resolutions – the standard for Dali dimming – it has no fewer than 65,000. Dimming is by a 1-to-10V input control signal; DALI and DMX interfaces are also available.

5. Easyfit Bluetooth switch

Say goodbye to chasing cables down a wall! Imagine a light switch you can literally stick on a wall with absolutely no wiring. And it doesn’t even need a battery. The Bluetooth wireless signal is powered by act of pushing the rocker switch, which generates enough energy to send a signal to any Bluetooth enabled luminaire or circuit. A brilliant marriage of two cool technologies to create a useful piece of kit.

6. FL800 R
CU Phosco

The winner of five stars in our review of floodlights back in September, the FL800R has been designed for sports lighting, airports, traffic junctions and ports. The LED modules can be arranged in one to four groups, each with its own optical distribution and elevation angles. A cowl with a cut-off 5 degrees below the horizontal eliminates upward light. Output is up to 67,000lm and it’ll operate from -40C to 50C.

7. LINEARlight FLEX Diffuse 400

This cove lighting system got five stars in our review back in October. It’s a bendable, rectangular-section strip of soft, tactile plastic material and measures just 10mm high x 14mm wide (0.4” x 0.6”). The light emitting surface is diffuse and the strip is available is either side or top bending versions. The light output is totally uniform and it’s ideal where you want long, continuous lines.

8. WaveGo
Wave Illumination

Turn your phone into a pocket-sized lighting laboratory with this cool device, which can measure Lux, melanotic Lux, CRI (all colours from R1 to R15), TM30, PAR, MacAdam eEllipses, absolute irradiance spectrum and CIE 1931 coordinates.  Accuracy is just 3nm. Designed by a team of young boffins from Oxford University, this is the ultimate piece of kit for the lighting geek.

9. Hydralux
LED Linear

A five-star in our review of IP-rated LED tape back in April, the Hydralux is a rectangular section, IP67 tape. You can achieve up to 1,820 lm/m, (15.4W/m), so there’s a lot of output available if you need it. What we really liked is the range of colour temperatures, from a super warm 2200K up to a  chilly 9600K. There’s a choice of colour rendering, CRI 80 or 90.

10. Classic A60 Glowdim

This was our favourite dim-to-warm lamp in a shoot out in the Lux labs. It has four filaments in a clear bulb and when switched off, two are yellow in appearance and two are orange. These have slightly different colour temperatures and the balance between the two alters as you dim up and down. Reviewer Alan Tulla awarded it five stars, saying it ‘looks better than a filament lamp’.

What was YOUR stand out product in 2017? Let’s see your specs in the comments box below…