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Expert presentation: Bluetooth Mesh and lighting

THE NEW Bluetooth Mesh protocol has the power to transform lighting control. In this special presentation, available exclusively to Lux readers, Martin Woolley of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a world authority on the new standard, explains the standard and how it will work.

Martin Woolley, a world authority on the new Bluetooth Mesh standard, believes it can revolutionise lighting control

Recorded at LuxLive in London, the presentation explores how the the new standard effectively boosts Bluetooth’s reach far beyond the typical 10m range that’s familiar to consumers sharing things like audio files among smartphone, computers, tables, TVs, and other devices.

The mesh standard applies across all possible commercial, industrial, and residential information technology uses. The lighting industry in particular is welcoming the move as the new mesh could help drive IoT lighting, making it more likely that smart lights can cover large areas of retail stores, warehouse, commercial offices, and other locations.

Smart lights can engage shoppers on retail floors, can track assets and inventory in shops and warehouses, can adjust building management systems or readjust their own light settings, can advise facility managers on how to reassign space, and support many other data-oriented processes.




  • LuxLive 2018 will focus on ‘property technology’ and include an on-the-floor conference on smart buildings. It takes place on Wednesday 14 November and Thursday 15 November 2018. See the floorplan HERE.