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Singapore Airport’s T4 opens with acclaim for lighting

A central, daylit galleria at Singapore’s new Terminal 4 opens up baggage reclaim areas for a welcoming arrival.

Singapore Airport’s new Terminal 4 has opened to acclaim for its lighting, which is technical blend of natural and artificial lighting.

The client placed highest emphasis was put on visual comfort, guidance and creating a sense of place.

A central, daylit galleria opens up baggage reclaim areas for a welcoming arrival. Visibility across the floor, up to and from departures visually connects all areas. Daylighting responds to extreme variations within the galleria itself and in comparison to the surroundings. Views through the shading system and fritted roofglazing are made possible, direct sunlight is reduced to enjoy the suspended artwork from all directions. Application of a static daylight system to simplify maintenance represented a challenge.

Still the outcome shows soft transitions, reduced glare and a high level of uniformity with room for visual accents and artwork distributed throughout the terminal.
Since the two-storey building – which has a height of 25 metres and a gross floor area of 195,000 square metres –  is used 24 hours a day, day- and nighttime operation are of equal importance.

The design responds to bright, overcast skies and direct sun from predominantly vertical directions north-and south of the equator. In a first step, geometry and layout of openings were established. Artificial lighting was then implemented on a consistent grid in the direction of passenger flow. Varying density of luminaires was applied and creates soft transition zones. Diffuse light- sources complement the atmosphere and improve face-recognition while referencing the signature petal motive.

The holistic lighting approach is reflected in the technical components. In close coordination with architecture, ID and façades consultants, glazing, coatings and glass-treatment were selected; the layers, material composition and the shading coordinated.

Various life-sized mock-ups were undertaken to evaluate the visual effects of different artificial light colour temperatures during day and night on materials and spaces. Eventually a ‘signature’ light colour temperature of 3500K was selected. It blends with cooler daylight and allows white surfaces and saturated colours to radiate, while still being comfortable at night.

The whole design concept is based on human experience and circulation through the spaces. It was the client’s intention to provide a space that focuses on puts people, while not compromising on comfort, efficiency and highest functional requirements.

The lighting design consultants were Berlin-based LichtVision.Architects. The architects are SAA Architects and Benoy. 

Images courtesy CAG Changi Airport Group


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