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Breakthrough for asset tracking using lights

In hospitals, beds, ultrasounds and portable ECG machines can be tracked in real time on an analytics dashboard.

TRACKING ASSETS in a building using the lights is taking a major step closer this month as major supplier Osram unveils a simplified version of the technology.

The Einstone technology, top, is based on the Bluetooth Mesh network. As well as beds, it can locate high-value equipment in buildings such as ECG machines and wheelchairs. 

The company is leveraging the new Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh standard as an alternative to RFID tagging, the traditional method of monitoring high-value equipment and merchandise, and it will unveil its platform at next week’s Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt, Lux has learned.

Dubbed Track & Trace and using its established Einstone Bluetooth beacons embedded in the luminaires, the system can monitor resources in real time and additionally provide data about movement and useage.

Using a hospital as an example, Osram says medical equipment such as ultrasounds and portable ECG machines can be tracked in real time on an analytics dashboard. In order to be able to track assets, miniature radio transmitters called beacons are integrated into the lighting infrastructure. These form a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh network by means of which data can be transmitted and received.

The assets to be tracked are equipped with ‘asset beacons’ that also send out signals via Bluetooth. This signal data is transmitted via the mesh network and passed on to a gateway.

Analysis of the data allows the locations of the objects to be calculated and displayed on a user’s dashboard. In addition to identifying asset locations, it’s also possible to create heat maps or analyses of tool utilisation, and perform temperature monitoring for sensitive objects.

Einstone Track & Trace – aimed at sectors such as retail, logistics or healthcare, as well as for installation in smart buildings – will be demonstrated at Light & Building next week.



  • Asset tracking will be one of the sessions at the new Property Technology conference taking place alongside the LuxLive 2018 exhibition at ExCeL London on Wednesday 14 November and Thursday 15 November 2018. For more information on the conference programme at LuxLive, click HERE.





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