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What’s the rush? LED roll-out to take 36 years

The last low-pressure sodium street light in Shropshire to be upgraded to LED will occur in 2054, it has been revealed.

WHILE CONTRACTORS around the world struggle to meeting deadlines to upgrade lighting to LED and avoid penalty clauses, one local authority is taking a more leisurely approach.

No hurry: Shropshire Council’s Chamber at Shire Hall, Shrewsbury Pic: Mike White via WikiMedia Commons 2018

Laid-back Shropshire Council in the English Midlands will complete its upgrade in 2054, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

It began its conversion of over 18,000 street lights – mainly high pressure sodium sources – three years ago, but its relaxed pace means that councillors’ grandchildren will see the last street light fall to LED.

The council’s director of place and enterprise George Candler told local newspaper the Shropshire Star that the authority had so far installed just 3,169 LED lights.’The authority is programming between 450 and 500 changes each year, subject to funding, which means it will take at least 36 years before all lighting is LED or its equivalent’.

The issue, as ever, is funding. Candler told the press that the money the council had spent on installing, running and maintaining street lighting had steadily risen over the past four years.

During the 2015/16 financial year, the authority spent £1.64 million, rising to £1.67 million in 2016/17, £1.89 million in 2017/18, with £1.99 million earmarked for the new financial year.

Unfortunately, Shropshire says it does not expect to see any savings in its street lighting budget when the work is eventually completed, as any efficiency benefits will be offset by the cost of installing more lights and a predicted rise in electricity prices over the period.



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