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Musk approves bluetooth lighting for Tesla factory

Tesla has installed high bay fixtures from Thrive Energy using its Avi-on Bluetooth-based commercial lighting controls at the plant in Fremont, California

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has given the green light to a Bluetooth controlled LED high-bay lighting installation at the Tesla electric car factory.

The installation – at the plant in Fremont, California – will be seen as a major endorsement of the technology.

Elon Musk, right, approves all expenditure  over $10,000 at the Fremont factory. Here he is evaluating assembly robots.

Tesla has installed high bay fixtures from Thrive Energy using its Avi-on Bluetooth® based commercial lighting controls.

The luminaires are used to illuminate mission critical functions such as  inspection where superior lighting and controls are essential to the final product. The high bay fixtures were installed and commissioned in just a day by an electrician with no special training or the need for control system technicians.

The Powered by Avi-on system can be installed with a mobile phone and includes remote configuration and monitoring. 

Thrive Energy is also moving into the IoT lighting sector with  intelligent luminaires which can host and interconnect a variety of sensors and devices capable of monitoring many aspects of customer facilities, as well as communicating with people and assets. The company is also  implementing DC solar-powered lighting and smooth-transition daylight harvesting in retail and commercial facilities. 



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All pictures: Steve Jurvetson vis WikiMedia Commons