Are you part of lighting’s best sales team?

Organisers of this year’s Lux Awards have added a new category - Sales Team of the Year – for 2018 to recognise and celebrate manufacturers' representatives who are giving great service

EVER PULLED an all-nighter to get the right paperwork to a specifier in time? 

Or driven 500 miles to drop off an important luminaire sample? At the weekend?

Have you got the scars on your back from protecting the spec through to install?

If you can answer ‘yes!’ to questions like these, then you and your colleagues could be in for well-earned recognition.

Because the hunt has begun for the lighting industry’s best group of sales men and women. Organisers of this year’s Lux Awards have added a new category – Sales Team of the Year – for 2018 to recognise these unsung heroes of the lighting supply chain, the road warriors who go the extra mile for the customer.

‘This category is long overdue,’ says Lux Awards director Ray Molony. ‘Manufacturers’ representatives are key people who make major lighting projects happen, and they deserve to be celebrated and rewarded for effort beyond the call of duty.

‘They are very important for their knowledge and experience and they form a key link between the specifier and client and the brand. It’s high time they had their own category.’

Judges will be looking for teams who have in excelled with service and sales targets, and have great customer testimonials.

The only other change to the line up of the Lux Awards categories this year is the renaming of the Recycling Category to Lighting for a Circular Economy.

‘Recycling is just one part of the sustainability story,’ says Molony. ‘For instance, designing a luminaire to be modular with replaceable parts is just as important, as is re-using and re-purposing lighting equipment. So we’ve made this category as broad as possible so that we can reward the great work we know is going on in the industry to reduce our environmental impact.’

If you enter before 18 May 2018 you are automatically entered for the draw for two VIP tickets for the presentation evening of the Lux Awards. The closing date for entries is Friday 29 June.

The Lux Awards are designed to celebrate and reward both creativity and sustainability, recognising clients and end-users that have used lighting in exceptional ways to improve their lit environment, reduce energy and achieve business objectives.

  • See more information on the Lux Awards 2018 and the full set of categories HERE.