Venture joins Acuity and Eaton with 8% price rise

Legacy lamps such as high-intensity discharge metal halide sources, on which Venture built its success, will see prices rises of 8 per cent, the company has announced

ANOTHER BIG lighting industry name has announced a price rise. Venture, a major supplier of HID lamps and ballasts, says it is putting up the price of its traditional technologies by 8 per cent, with the newer LED sources unaffected.

Venture has seen success with LED retrofit lamps such as the so-called ‘corn’ lamps, above. In the London borough of Merton, Venture LED retrofit lamps replaced traditional high-pressure sodium sources, top.

In a joint letter to customers from president Dan Phalen and vice president of sales Mark D’Antonio, the company blamed the rise on ‘the cumulative impact of increased costs on materials and components, transportation, packaging, wages, and benefits including healthcare.

‘As our industry continues to go through rapid technological advancements and change we are seeing demand for lighting products with legacy technologies (HID) soften which has put further cost pressure on these legacy technologies.

‘Despite our ongoing and aggressive productivity improvements and cost reduction efforts, we are unable to offset these cost increases and are announcing a general price increase for our legacy (HID) lamp and ballast products.

Prices for these products will increase by an average of 8 per cent on 16 July. Previously quoted projects will be honoured according to the originally quoted terms and conditions.

Venture has been more affected then most by the LED revolution over the last decade. The company’s success has been built on metal halide, or high intensity discharge, lamps which were extremely popular in retail, commercial and industrial applications. However, they have lost ground rapidly as LED luminaires have been able to deliver higher lumen packages.

Venture’s announcement follows a similar one by Eaton on Thursday 17 May that it is putting up its prices by 6 per cent, and before that, on 11 May, a statement by Acuity Brands that it was putting up prices by 6 per cent. It’s certain that other brands will follow in the coming weeks as lighting manufacturers reassert themselves to improve profitability following years of falling prices for lighting equipment.


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