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IoT street lighting reacts to traffic volumes

Sensors integrated in the street lighting fixtures in St. Gallen, Switzerland, affords autonomous control by detecting the absence of traffic late at night.

AN INTERNET-CONNECTED street lighting installation in the Swiss city of St. Gallen is dramatically cutting energy by using sensors to detect when no traffic is present.

City engineers can manage all the luminaires in the pilot area from a web-based control console. The operator can switch lamps on or off or dim them individually or in assigned groups. And programs can control the lighting based on time of the day, day of the week, and/or time of year.

Meanwhile, the sensors integrated in the fixtures affords autonomous control by detecting traffic late at night.

The partners in the pilot, Paradox Engineering and Osram, expect the implementation to deliver 65 per cent energy savings relative to legacy outdoor lighting technologies.

Working with St. Gallen Stadtwerke, a utility and public works company, Osram supplied around 60 SL20 luminaires that have been installed along Oberstrasse, a local street.

The LED lights are connected by Paradox wireless mesh technology.

‘Using energy and available resources responsibly is very important for an innovative city like St. Gallen,’ Urs Etter, head of public lighting at St. Gallen Stadtwerke, told Lux.

‘Street lighting has a direct impact on attractiveness of a city, so we were looking for the best possible balance between the need to save energy, emissions, and money on one hand, and that to safeguard quality of life and public safety.

‘We have been investing in LED systems for some years, and we are proud to turn on this dynamic smart lighting solution, which will further improve our sustainability performance. As we invest for the future of our city, this technology is open to any extension and development we might need — and that’s a great benefit for us.’


  • Maury Wright is editor of LEDs Magazine, where this article was first published


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