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Cloud-based light control cuts energy at Volvo

Volvo’s manufacturing facility in Motherwell, Scotland – aiming to become carbon neutral – has seen an 84 per cent reduction in energy thanks to the latest lighting control technologies.

VOLVO IS USING power line communication and cloud-based lighting control to deliver 84 per cent energy savings at its manufacturing facility in Motherwell, Scotland.

The site – where off-highway rigid and articulated trucks are made – has the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral.

How the energy reductions are built up using the various technologies

The project saw Carbon Reduction Technology retrofit a connected lighting solution from enModus to create a building-wide communications network using the existing powerlines.

In the manufacturing area the legacy 480W metal halide lights were replaced with 520 200W HBX LED luminaires from CRT. Each luminaire has an integrated occupancy and ambient light sensor, plus an enModus Node to control the DALI driver.

Nodes communicate using enModus’ powerline communications (PLC) technology – Wattwave – across the existing powerlines to an enModus Hub. The Hub connects to the enModus Cloud Platform to collect data and control lighting. 

The Cloud-based platform allows configurable occupancy-based lighting schemes, daylight dimming and customisable lighting schedules. Volvo can now also automate regulatory compliant emergency light testing of the maintained emergency lights too.

The operations director uses the real-time and historical data reporting in the enModus Cloud Platform to track energy usage and building utilisation.

Replacing the metal halide lights with CRT’s HBX LED luminaires delivered 61 per cent measured energy saving. The enModus Smart Connected Lighting solution saved a further 60 per cent, resulting in 84 per cent total energy saving. Carbon emissions have been reduced by 304,939 kg per annum too.

Together these energy efficiency solutions are contributing around £84,000 (€94,000, US$100,000) per year to the company’s bottom line through reduced electricity consumption and costs.

In addition to higher quality lighting levels, from 250-350 lux to 450-550 lux, our employees have improved comfort from augmented colour rendition and illumination.

Using the lighting circuit and enModus building-wide communications network the company is monitoring energy consumption across 28 machining centres within the machine shop. 

Site-wide energy savings are projected to exceed £216,000 (€242,000, US$283,000) per annum.


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