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How to Light: Can I incorporate smart controls into conventional lighting fixtures?

Pic: Silvair

Lux Review was asked this question: ‘I work as a design engineer with a custom lighting company. We are looking for options to incorporate smart lighting into our products. I understand that “build-on activators” are available that can help with making existing LED fixtures smart. Is this true, and is it worth investigating?’

The transition to smart lighting is becoming much easier now that many of the tech companies offering ‘smart solutions’ are aware that there are lots of lighting companies hoping to embrace smart technology without redesigning their entire range of fixtures.

At present it seems that the most popular solutions are those that offer ‘bolt-on’ mesh networking, typically using platforms such as Bluetooth and Zigbee. These systems are covered by international operating standards, providing assurance that such equipment is reliable.

I suggest you run a search under ‘lighting mesh networking’ and talk to some of these companies.

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